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So you're probably now thinking, "great, I want to get started but how much is this going to cost me"?

In terms of your time, sessions are 45-55 minutes in length.

Please contact me directly if you're curious about my private pay fee or if you're interested in home visits or virtual sessions, which can be accommodated on a case by case basis.

If you'd like to work with your existing Insurance coverage, I am an in network provider with the following insurance companies:

- Cigna

- Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield

- Anthem

- MagnaCare

- Husky

The cost of sessions vary depending on the mode of treatment, a portion, if not all may be covered by your insurance company. If I am out of network with your insurance company, I am happy to provide you with the necessary documentation for reimbursement. When necessary I will also assist you in verifying your coverage and obtaining information from your provider. 

However, I want you to be as informed as possible about your coverage. Should you decide to use your health insurance benefits please check your coverage carefully before your first session by asking the following questions:

- What are my mental health benefits?

- Do I need a pre-authorization?

- How many sessions are covered each year?

- What is my deductible per year and has it been met?

- What is my co-pay?